This book is designed to collect notes and exercises from the Ph.D. course on Survival Data Analysis for Cancer Data by prof. Sylvie Chevret and prof. Matthieu Resche-Rigon from ECSTRRA Team, Inserm, University of Paris Diderot, promoted by the Dep. of Mathematical Sciences “G. L. Lagrange” of the Politecnico of Torino (Italy).


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Here, there are the libraries loaded during the course, w/ the relative options, plus some packages and options useful to write code more understandable by humans obtaining nicer output.

# Packages for the analyses
library(survival)                                            # Survival Analysis
library(survminer)                     # Drawing Survival Curves using 'ggplot2'
library(cmprsk)                                                 # Competing risk
library(rms)              # Regression Modeling Strategy (include Hmisc package)
  options(datadist = 'dd')                  # Distribution Summaries used by rms

# Package(s) for data management 
library(tidyverse)                    # Imports the principal tidyverse packages

# Document output options
    echo        = TRUE,                                      # Render all the code
    message     = FALSE,                                  # Do net render messages
    warning     = FALSE,                                  # Do not render warnings
    fig.height  = 4.4,   # Right figure height to permit two figures in a PDF page
    cache.extra = knitr::rand_seed   # cache random seed to assure reproducibility

The following code create the packages.bib files which is the BibTeX lists of all the packages references we have loaded.

# Automatically create a bib database for the loaded packages
knitr::write_bib(c(.packages(), 'bookdown', 'knitr', 'rmarkdown'),
  file = 'packages.bib'